Are you looking to get closer to nature?

…A hobby farm is the answer!

hobby farm buyer min - How to buy a Hobby Farm

DSC 0218 300x201 - How to buy a Hobby FarmSo, you’ve decided that a hobby farm may be your new lifestyle! It’s a journey and a wonderful one at that. The freedom to have your animals, your land, to garden and to produce, is very rewarding.

Some say “it’s so much work”. To me it’s a joy, it’s my therapy. I never see it as work. I am speaking from the ‘horse’s mouth’, no pun intended 😉, because I happen to be the owner of a hobby farm in St. Lazare, a mere 20-minute commute to the West Island.  I can be in my rubber boots and farm gloves handling one of the horses and be in a business suit that same afternoon!

pictures 2011 66 1 224x300 - How to buy a Hobby FarmThere are many questions you need to ask yourself before making this decision. Do your homework before you fall in love with a cute little hobby farm, because you may discover it is not possible to buy it!

Having the experience, talking the “equestrian” language and knowing the difference between sand and clay footing, for example, is second nature to me.

Here you will find a bountiful of information for anyone entertaining the idea of owning a hobby farm.

What fits your lifestyle?


  • What chemicals, fertilizers, or others sprays have been used on the property?
  • When were the fields or pastures last seeded?
  • What pasture mix is in the paddock areas?
  • Are there any weeds growing in the paddocks/pastures that could be harmful to horses?
  • How muddy does the barnyard get in the spring?
  • Does the property have any hilly spots for conditioning the horses? Or a flat area for an arena?
  • Are there any right of ways across the property?
  • How deep before you hit bedrock or a water table?


  • farm girl 300x200 - How to buy a Hobby FarmWhich way does the wind blow?
  • Are there any chicken or hog farms nearby, particularly upwind?
  • What are the winters like there?
  • Is any of the property in a flood zone? If so, to what extent?
  • What are the options for manure disposal? Are there any by-law restrictions?
  • Are there any swampy areas nearby?
  • What are the by-laws with respect to the zoning and uses of the property?


  • What type of fencing is there? And in what condition? Does all or some of it need to be replaced?
  • Are gate openings wide enough to accommodate a tractor or other equipment?
  • Is there an outdoor riding ring? What are the dimensions? What type of footing? Is there proper tile drainage underneath? How soon in the spring can it be used? What type of fence is around it?
  • How many turnout areas are there? Are there run-in sheds (shelters)?
  • Is the barnyard large enough to turn a truck and trailer?
  • If there is an indoor arena, how large is it? (actual dimensions of the building as well as the riding area)? Who built it? Does it have an engineer’s stamp? Warranty? Is it transferable? What type of footing does it have? Does it have a viewing room? What type of lighting is in the arena? What are the power costs? Does it have a separate power meter? How often do you have to add material or water to the footing?
  • What equipment is included in the asking price? Is there a storage building for equipment?


  • What are the dimensions of the total building and the aisle?
  • How are the openings/aisles oriented relative to prevailing winds?
  • How many box stalls? Dimensions? Are any convertible into a double stall for foaling?
  • Any standing stalls? Sizes?
  • How much headroom above the stalls and aisles?
  • Is there a tack room? Feed room?
  • Does the barn have plumbing? Hot and cold water?
  • Is there a water outlet in each stall or just one central hoses bib?
  • Do the water lines ever freeze in winter?
  • What is the location and capacity of hay storage? How many square bales can it hold?
  • How about storage for shavings?
  • How well ventilated is the barn?


  • What is your budget?
  • What is the current assessed value for tax purposes? Agricultural land typically is evaluated lower than its market value.
  • What additional expenses will the buyer incur for repairs or updates? Fencing, stalls, barn extension, gates, arenas, drainage, etc.
  • How much is the Land transfer tax (Welcome tax)?
  • What about the house itself?


  • How close is the nearest veterinary clinic?
  • Where are the nearest services (shopping, police and fire protection, etc.)?
  • Are the house and barn and other buildings set far enough back from any roads?
  • What about snow ploughing and removal?
  • What are the neighbours like? Would they allow riding across their land?
  • Are there any riding trails nearby?
  • Are there any riding clubs handy?
  • Any local coaches/riding instruction programs available, particularly for the chosen discipline(s)?
  • Where are the feed, hay and bedding suppliers located? What are the average local costs?

As you can see there is a lot to consider to make sure your decision is the right one.

Contact me! I will guide you through the process. Being involved in the horse community allows me to stay connected with many professionals in this industry such as farm owners, farriers, veterinarians, coaches, instructors, judges, farmhands, grooms, feed and bedding suppliers, garden centres, etc…

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