Sell your home without a broker… Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?  

But are you prepared for the consequences of taking matters into your own hands? Your hard earned equity into account?

1. A Broker may increase your profit

Many people think they’ll make more money if they avoid paying a broker a commission and instead sell on their own, but the statistics show otherwise. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), selling with a broker brings in a higher profit, enough to cover the commission and then some. For one thing, a Realtor has the experience and tools to price your home appropriately. Studies show that homes priced correctly when they first hit the market sell faster, and for a better price than those that linger with a decreasing price tag.

2. A broker can save your time

While it may take just moments to upload a Kijiji or other private website ad, handling prospective buyers, inspectors and appraisers can suck up your time and emotions. From screening out unqualified buyers to helping you prepare your home for inspections, stage and review all the legal documents, brokers drive the process more efficiently and with experience. Did you know that the OACIQ, our governing body, does not recommend realtors to sell their own homes? Emotions can wreak havoc on a transaction, and when it’s your own home it’s impossible to be impartial. Would you do your own dental surgery or would you hire the best surgeon for an operation? Why would you not hire the best broker for selling the most significant investment in your life?

3. A broker often makes a better deal

You might be proud of your poker face, but are you really a savvy enough negotiator to put one of the biggest deals of your life on the line? As most buyers use a broker, you’ll probably be going toe-to-toe with a professional negotiator. When you sell your house through a broker, you not only get their marketing power and connections, you get a pro-negotiator advocating for you during the initial offer, counter proposals and post-offer period, which includes inspections and requests for concessions.

4. A broker will lower your risk

The potential for making mistakes (with potential legal ramifications) among the realms of paperwork involved in a home sale is enormous. Brokers know how to do things exactly right. Plus, as a REMAX broker, I offer protection to all my clients with the Tranquili-T program. If something goes wrong when the signing day comes, or even after you sign, you are protected, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in losses, and a great deal of stress. I also offer 2 new programs exclusive to REMAX clients: Integri-T and Securi-T. Ask me about them.

Here are questions to ask yourself:

Where can you obtain your facts about real estate value?

Can you do a market appraisal along with knowing the median marketing days on the market? Do you know what the percentage of asking/selling price ratio is?

Do you know who the buyers are? Do you know how to pre-qualify a buyer before they set foot in your home?

What about security issues?

What do you do if the buyer has to sell his/her house before buying yours? What if you have two interested parties who want to buy your house?

Does your Certificate of Location reflect the current state of your property?

What happens when the buyer doesn’t show up at the signing? Can you move forward with your plans?

Entrust the sale of your home to a professional that knows real estate and YOUR market, and reap the benefits of money with far less trouble and worry.

Contact me; we can discuss options.