What is Securi-T?

This is one of REMAX’S 3 programs offered exclusively to REMAX buyers: A Mortgage Payment Security – the REMAX Securi-T program.

How awesome is that? I mean I never would want you to lose your job, but in the event it should ever happen and you just bought a house, this program will be one big stressor off your mind for a bit.

The REMAX Securi-T program reimburses your mortgage in the event of the loss of your main job in the year following the purchase of your home.  Where the loan financing applies to a home equity line of credit (HELOC), you will be eligible for reimbursement of the interest portion only.

As a client of REMAX you are automatically eligible if:

  1. You have a regular employment of 30 hours + per week with the same employer or in the same field, during the past 12 consecutive months.
  1. You take out a mortgage or HELOC with a mortgage representative referred by me to one of the following financial institutions:
  • Desjardins
  • Bank of Montreal BMO
  • National Bank of Canada
  1. You are 65 years old or younger.
  1. You are not a legal entity, a corporation, an estate, a trust, a real estate developer or self-employed. Yes, unfortunately, self-employed entrepreneurs are not covered under this program.
  1. You are a resident of Quebec and eligible to receive employment insurance benefits from the Government of Canada.


Your new property is eligible for the Securi-T program if it is:

  1. A principal residence single-family home, condominium or hobby farm.
  2. A residential multi-dwelling building with a maximum of 4 dwellings of which one is occupied by the covered person.
  3. A secondary residence the covered person may occupy year-round and occasionally rented to a third party.
  4. A self-built home.
  5. Located in Quebec.

Please note that a property used as a primary source of income or rented to a third party is NOT eligible for the program.

To find out more about the REMAX Securi-T program, click here or contact me for more details!