Integri T en RGB 300x132 - REMAX Integri-T program

What is Integri-T?

Integri-T Guarantee Plan is another one of REMAX’S 3 programs offered exclusively to REMAX buyers and sellers: a key solution against latent defects.

This program is created in collaboration with Garantie Habitation ACQ and is exclusive to REMAX clients. It is beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

The Intergri-T Plan for a seller:

It applies when you want to sell your property with peace of mind. The program is there so there is no recourse against you should there be a latent defect after selling and moving. In order to guarantee your home, a thorough building inspection performed by a recognized building inspector prior to marketing makes you eligible.  The additional benefits are that your property will stand out from others on the market with the Integri-T plan. Furthermore, if you are considering selling your home without any legal warranty to quality, you will not have to reflect this in the price. On top of that, the inspection will reveal necessary repairs or improvements to be done if needed. This does not remove the fact that the buyers have their own inspection done.

In the case of a latent defect, you will receive prompt, no-cost conciliation service should your buyers file a claim.

You obtain a decrease of up to $35,000 on your financial obligations.

In the case of a buyer:

The Integri-T plan is a guarantee offered to buyers who want peace of mind in case of latent defects when buying a new property. This unique guarantee, exclusive to RE/MAX, gives you financial protection in the event of a claim. If a defect is discovered, the buyer is covered up to $40,000. The Conciliation Department handles the claims and makes it possible for the parties to avoid court proceedings, saving you legal fees, insurance adjuster’s fees and time.

To learn more about the terms, limitations and fees, or for any questions about Integri-T Building Quality Guarantee Plan, refer to Integrit-T or contact me.