Declutter in your home as well as in your head


Declutterto remove mess or clutter from (a place).

Storage: to take in or hold supplies, goods, or articles, as for future use.

Downsize: to reduce in number; cut back.

I am sure you have heard or said these words before. Have you noticed all the storage facilities existing now? There is one in practically every neighbourhood.

What does this mean? We are living in a material world, influenced by the compelling feeling to buy and buy and buy some more. We are bombarded by billions of sensory input (media, newspapers, web feed, social pressure, “keeping up with the Joneses”). This behaviour secures our economy.

Does it mean you should fall prey to this?

Will the need to buy the latest in furniture fashion for your house, the newest kitchen gadget that will look good on your countertops complete you? Where does the furniture, drapes and carpets go to make room for the new?

Your home gets more and more cluttered with the latest and greatest, and the thought you have is ‘But wait, let’s keep it in case one of the kids will need them!’ It’s highly unlikely that if you change your furniture, your children, who thrive on the latest and greatest, will want them.

So, we get caught up in this searching for that satisfied feeling it brings us when we buy, but on the other hand, we are creating clutter in our homes and in our minds.

Being caught up in this myself, I realised that it didn’t satisfy my needs. With introspective, this is what I am now:

Being fulfilled is a state of mind, not a material acquisition. If you look around your home and see all that you have, you develop gratitude and gratitude brings fulfilment. When I go to a store,  I no longer desire all the beautiful items beckoning at me. I am satisfied with all that I have. Let me tell you; it’s a heck of a lot cheaper too!

Our rule at home is if we bring something into the house we must discard/donate something in exchange. Nicole Anzia from the Montreal Gazette quotes: “When you have less, there’s less to clean up and keep organised.”

If you are moving or want to organise your home, evaluate what serves you and what doesn’t, decide and act. There is a plethora of information on the internet on how to de-clutter and downsize, but I’ll never forget a meeting I went to given by Susan Portnoy of Organized Success, many years ago. She broke it down to its simplistic form. If you want to de-clutter, do one room at a time only and have the following 6 labelled boxes at your side:

Box 1- Toss it24345499 s 300x188 - Declutter, downsize

Box 2- Re-route

Box 3- Store it

Box 4- Give it away

Box 5- I don’t know

Box 6- Repair it- optional

Box 7- List

…and there is a recommended order in which you do it: first clear the floors, then surfaces, then cupboard floors, next cupboard hanging, cupboard shelves and lastly dresser drawers.

“Creating a positive environment to support your well-being means clearing out all the clutter in your life. Not just the physical clutter, but also the mental clutter of whatever around you isn’t working, whatever’s broken, whatever makes you cringe”. Darren Hardy, Compound Effect

There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you decide to discard and donate. It’s like a cleansing, for your environment and your soul! Dedicate half a day if that is all you have to start, and I promise you will feel good!

I have contacts for those of you who want help, guidance or support. Contact me.